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Cufflinks are a useful accessory to help differentiate your look. Whether you are buying your first pair, a set for a gift, or even buy them regularly it is beneficial to consider a few things before making a purchase. This article provides a list of que

These days the average male rarely wears cuff links on a day to day basis, which means using them can really set you apart, as they give you a polished appearance. In addition, if you have any shirts which feature a button hole on either side of the wrist, but no actual button you will require cufflinks to fasten the shirt. Let’s take a look at what to ask yourself before buying cufflinks.

What is your budget?

One of the more obvious considerations when selecting cufflinks is the budget you are trying to work to.

If you have a very limited budget and need cufflinks for a particular shirt, you might like to consider knot cufflinks. Knot cufflinks are small knotted balls, typically made from elastic or silk. You can often buy whole sets for only a small outlay. For example, eBay often has these listed for $10 or less.

Those with a moderate budget between $20-$80 will find lots of styles available. In this price range you are looking at a variety of metals from Rhodium steel, to gold plated and stainless steel styles.

If you have a more lavish budget you might like to consider designer branded cufflinks, or cufflinks made from precious metals like solid gold. These types of cufflinks typically start from a round $200 and work upwards if you want things like real diamonds embedded in your cufflinks.

Do you wear any jewelry?

If you wear a watch, wedding band, or any other jewelry it is nice to tie your cuff links in with them. For example, if you wear a silver tone watch, you might like to look for silver look cuff links.

What do you require them for?

It is worth considering what you are purchasing the cufflinks for. If you are looking to buy one set to work back with all the shirts you own that require cufflinks, it is best to look for a classic metal style.

If they are for a special occasion, or a particular shirt you might like to look for a style that compliments this look. For example, there are many colored cuff links that can tie in or provide a pop of contrast to what you are wearing.

If you are buying cufflinks as a gift, you will also find lots of novelty styles available. For example, if the receiver likes trains there are train shaped cufflinks. For those who like fishing, there are fishing cufflinks and you will also find a wide range of sports related cufflinks available.

Do you want to personalize them?

If you’d like to personalize your cufflinks with some engraving it is important to choose a style that allows for this. A classic approach to engraving is personalizing cufflinks with your initials, or if you are buying a gift the initials of the recipient you are giving them to. In this case make sure the cuff links feature a flat, plain face that is big enough to accommodate the engraving. You will also find cufflink makers that can custom make cufflinks for you and this can allow for greater flexibility when it comes to design and including your initials.

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