The Weird and Wonderful History of the Moustache

Where did the moustache come from? Hoe long has it been around? What is the longest ever recorded? Are there really competitions that measure a man's ability to grow and maintain a moustache? You will get the answers to all of these questions, as well as

The word "Moustache" has it's roots in the italian word "Mustaccio" which literally translates to "upper lip." The moustache seems to most to be a rather mundaine subject, as we are privvy to the sight of these natural artworks nearly every day. But fot he more investigative individual, it may come to mind to question when such a thing became so fashoinable.

Moustaches have been a fashion accessory since close to the beginning of recorded history. They are common both in men and women, and are the product of our evolutionary process, and hormones which cause our bodies to sprout hair in many locations.

The moustache really came into being with the development of razors. Although many people will immediately associate this with the thin steel razors that have become common in the industrialized world, this can actually be traced to it's roots in the "Neolithic" age. These razors were made of stone, and were just as sharp and even more dangerous than the ones found in most modern bathrooms.

One of the oldest records we have of a shaved and maintained moustache, is in an Iranian wall portrait that dates to about 300 B.C. and clearly shows a man with a well maintained main of hair lining his upper lip.

While the moustache has been a style for men for many thousands of years, women have spent nearly an equal amount of time trying to combat this wonder of evolution. Many women, later in their lives will begin to experience hormonal changes as a result of menopause and other bodily changes. Sometimes this hormonal imbalance reaults in the growth of hair on the chin and upper lip. According to Forbes Magazine, womens hair removal products account for about 20% of all cosmetic sales in the US.

While women have fought the process, men have embraced it and have made an art out of it. Some of the most popular fashions of the moustache are: the Fu Manchu, the Pancho Villa, Tthe Handlebar, the Horse shoe and the Pencil. These fashions are all established by different thicknesses, shapes and maintenance regimens.

According to "Guiness Book of World Records" the longest moustache ever grown was 12.5 ft in length, and belonged to an indian villager, who had grown the monster mass of hair over the course of 60 years!

If this is not amazing enough in it's statement about the evolution of the moustache, consider the "World Moustache Championships." Held annually in a different location, these competitions measure length, thickness, style and difficulty in growth. Using these methods a champion is crowned every year. Some of the prizes are worth a great deal of money!

This is only a small portion of the amazing history of the moustache, and there is a great deal more out there! I hope you have enjoyed reading and will research further!

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