Tips for Buying Men's Underwear

Underwear for men has changed dramatically, from the days of being chosen for just comfort and durability. Andrew Christian and Calvin Klein are a few of the designers leading the foray into fashionable and practical underwear for men. The consumer choosi

Fabric Choices:

Marcuse underwear and 2eros offer a wide array of fabric choices in their lines of underwear. Cotton is the still the number one choice for all underwear, but other options do exist and are gaining in popularity.

Lycra and Nylon - These two materials offer durability and support to the athletic man.

Compression underwear - Many men love the comfort and fashionable styling of this underwear.

Cotton - This underwear choice offers many colors, styles and breathes well.

Wool - Perfect for cool climates. Many fashionable styles and colors are available.


Underwear Style Choices:

Boxers have long been a staple in the arena of underwear for men. The typical boxer is loose fitting and light. The loose fit allows for more airflow to the genital area preventing the accumulation of sweat. The material extends down over part of the thigh. Boxers are constructed in a mass quantity of styles and print choices. One negative aspect of a boxer, is the tendency to ride up when they are being worn.

Boxer briefs are fast becoming the most popular style of underwear for men. A boxer brief combines the comfort of a boxer and the support of the traditional brief styled underwear. Bower briefs are comfortable, and support the genitals. Boxer briefs work well under any style of shorts or pants. A boxer brief eliminates the ride up factor of a traditional boxer style of underwear.

Briefs are the quintessential default choice when buying underwear for men. A brief offers support and functionality to the wearer. Most men are hesitant to buy briefs, due to the belief that they are old-fashioned and outdated. A traditional brief underwear comes with an elastic waistband, and the material is generally cotton. Men appreciate that briefs do not ride up, and that they are able to be worn under even the tightest fitting clothes.

Bikini style underwear for men is an increasingly popular choice. The cut is low on the hips, this offers men the ability to not have waistbands peeking out of their pants. A pair of bikini style underwear provides adequate support for the genitals and an array of color choices.

Thong underwear is one of the earliest styles of underwear that men wore for support. Thousands of years ago, thong underwear began as the loincloth and evolved over time. A thong supports the genitals, with no material covers the buttocks area. The thong is very popular among athletes, and is often referred to as a jockstrap.

The immense choices in underwear for men, allows any man to find a style and material that will fit his particular needs. A man should buy and wear one pair of a chosen style. This will allow him to decide if that style will work for his needs before buying multiple pairs of underwear.


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